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Journey to the East

‘Journey to the East’ is a memoir, based on a 1800-kilometer expedition through the heart of India, from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal. 

Initially to document the issues plaguing rural India, the project unfolded to become an unforgettable voyage of self-discovery; involving sleeping in unfamiliar places, venturing alone through the Naxalite insurgent jungles, and even being interrogated in a jail cell.

This book is more than a travelog; it's a contemplative exploration of the India that I encountered. It is a documentation of the rural-politics that shapes the country and an account of the corruption that has spread to the smallest of villages. My hold on local languages made it easy for me to get direct access into the communities I entered and shine a spotlight on parts of India that usually goes unnoticed and unheard of, even by its natives. 

This book explores themes of human connection, the unpredictability of life, and the transformative power of travel and self-discovery. It gives hope to a young generation to go out and discover for themselves a wide world that is always welcoming. There is always value in stepping outside the societal norm and treading into the unknown, more unconventional path.
Safe travels!
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Ashutosh Joshi's Journey to the East is a travelogue that deserves attention. It takes the reader to an India familiar to many but ignored by most, while raising profound questions for all. Read it and enjoy it, then reflect and read it again.

-  John Keay,    Author of India: A History and other India-related titles



‘Journey to the East’ is intensely personal, but we are all invited to be part of it. To join Ash is a privilege, an insight into his reflections on meaning and purpose, and a call-to arms; to remember how reliant we are on the land around us, and to strive to make the world around us a better place. I suspect that you, the reader, may end this book with your boots at the ready, and a fire in your belly. Walk well!

-  Leon McCarron,    Author of Wounded Tigris



As you accompany Ashutosh on the final leg of his journey, may you be moved by the wisdom he imparts and the insights he shares. For within these pages lie not just stories of adventure, but reflections on the human condition and the enduring bonds that unite us all.

-  Alastair Humphreys,   Author of A Midsummer Morning

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Ashutosh Joshi is an Indian photographer, author and a podcast host based in India and sometimes the United Kingdom. His long-term photography projects have centred on the political and societal transformations within the Indian subcultures.

Ashutosh's work has been exhibited in England at the Hardwick Gallery (Cheltenham) and in India in the Tao Art Gallery(Mumbai) and Museum of Goa(Goa). His photographs are held in private collections in English and Scottish cities. Being published in the Guardian, NDTV, The Print, HomeGrown, Lokmat and many local and national newspapers, he now writes and documents for NGO’s working in India.

He has hitch-hiked in the UK, walked Annapurna Circuit and Everest Base Camp trail in Nepal, backpacked all around India and biked from the Chinese border to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. In 2022, he shifted to his grandparents house in Kokan to live a slower lifestyle, spending time on the farm, going out on hikes and laying on the beach when there’s no work. Now, he lives nomadically, spending time with his family and local communities around India. You might find him in North Goa sitting in cafes, reading books and writing substack articles with pen and paper.

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